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Bruce Bernhart Mandolin Websites

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Bruce Bernhart Mandolin Websites

In Minnesota, Bruce Bernhart has been a mandolin player/enthusiast since the 1980's

Updated  May, 2012

Bernhart's Beginning Mandolin Lessons
Lesson Plan #4

Bruce Bernhart Mandolin Websites

The Bernhart Mandolin Webpages offers original articles, lessons, tabs and information on the history of the mandolin, buying and building mandolins, basic chord structures, the different styles of playing and the various makes and models of mandolins available on the market, presented by mandolin player/teacher Bruce Bernhart

Bruce Bernhart Mandolin Websites

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The Bernhart Mandolin Websites

Third Intervals

Review how to tune the mandolin- EADG.  Use tuner and know the 7th fret method.
Know the major scale on the mandolin-  see Illustration #1 (Lesson 2).
An "interval" is the distance between notes.  Review what a "third" interval is.  As an example, look at where the C note is on your diagram, and move up four frets to the E.  A "third" is actually four frets up.
Note the interval pattern of whole notes and half notes on Illustration #2 (Lesson 2).  The major scale always climbs two frets at a time except between the 3rd and 4th notes of the scale and between the 7th and 8th notes of the scale.  Between those two pairs, you climb only a half step (one fret). 
Review your first position major scales for D and A. These two scales include the most number of open strings. 
Know where the "root" note is, both at the start of the scale and at the end of the scale. The root notes are in red.  The circled notes are "bluesy" notes.
That's because they are flatted.  The 3rd, the 5th and 7th notes are all flatted notes or "blue" notes. 
Practice the A and D scales up and down until you can play them smooth. Make each note clear.  No dead notes!

Intro to Reading Standard Notation:

The Treble and bass clefs

      The treble clef

      The bass clef

Here are some basic guitar chords for those of you learning how to play the six string:

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Bruce Bernhart Online Mandolin Lessons

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Bruce Bernhart Mandolin Websites

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